Does the ProxySG support non standard HTTP request headers?

Solutions ID:    KB4925
Version:    1.0
Status:    Published
Published date:    02/14/2012

Problem Description

Some custom HTTP applications (that are used within an organization for internal processes) do not comply with the RFC completely.
For example, the HTTP request header may contain a space after the user agent.  "User-Agent :custom_agent"

In this case, the ProxySG returns a  400 bad request error to the client.

Is there a way we can customize the rules on the ProxySG so that it accepts non-RFC standard headers?
Is there a supported non-standard HTTP request header list?


Yes, the ProxySG supports the non-standard HTTP request headers in the following cases:

  • Supports all unknown request methods
  • Supports case-insensitive HTTP version
  • Ignores up to 10 blank lines at the beginning of the request
  • Ignores up to 2 null characters at the beginning of the request
  • Ignores a null character at the end of request line or any request header
  • Allows extra blank lines in chunk encoding
  • Allows one trailing slash at the end of host:port syntax in the CONNECT method
  • When (config) http tolerant-request-parsing is enabled
    • Treats white space followed by LF as end of headers
    • Allows white space between header name and colon






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