How can I send the traffic to upstream proxy when my Internet access is down?

Solutions ID:    KB4940
Version:    1.0
Status:    Published
Published date:    02/22/2012

Problem Description

When Internet access is down, I would like to forward traffic based on the health check status.


You must to create a health check entry that checks the Internet connectivity.

  1. In the Managment Console Configuration > Health Check > General; click New.
  2. Set the type of check as HTTP and add the URL used to check the Internet connectivity.



In the VPM policy, add a forwarding layer with two rules.

  1. The first rule forwards the traffic to an upstream proxy if the healthcheck for the user defined is sick (you define this in the service by selecting a health status object and you set the status to sick)
  2. The second rule sends the traffic directly to the Internet without forwarding.




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