The secondary Director timezone defaults to (ETC/UTC) after I set up a redundancy pair. Why?

Solutions ID:    KB4942
Version:    1.0
Status:    Published
Published date:    02/26/2012

Problem Description

The timezone of both the Director appliances was reconfigured to Asia India Calcutta and the time was reflected accurately in standalone mode. 
Then the redundant pair was configured and both director appliances are 'in sync'. Now, when the secondary director is accessed with 'standbyuser' credentials (standby mode),  the time zone displays as GMT; However, when you login to the same appliance as the admin user (standalone mode), the time zone displays as GMT +5.30.



This timezone issue is a known issue CZ#108197, and is under investigation.

Steps to replicate:
1. Before making the redudancy pair, set the time zone as "Asia India Calcutta" on both the Directors.

director(config)# clock timezone Asia India Calcutta
director(config)# write memory

2. Then make redudancy pair.

Director A:
director(config)# standby make-primary admin

Director B:
director(config)# standby make-secondary admin

3. Once the secondary Director is up, login the Director using standby user.

4. Then issue the "show clock" CLI command.

The Director displays the default time zone on the Director.

director # show clock
Time: 11:25:42
Date: 2009/02/02
Time zone: Etc/UTC

5. After making secondary Director as Standalone, the time zone values are displayed correctly as shown below.

  director (config) # show clock
  Time: 16:53:44
  Date: 2009/02/02
  Time zone: Asia/Calcutta

NOTE: Both the Director appliances are synced successfully in redundant mode and the heartbeat value get updated.


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