How can I track the users violating bandwidth utilization ?

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Published date:    02/27/2012

Problem Description


How can I track the users violating bandwidth utilization  ?


Since, it's not possibel to retrieve historical data of such nature

the worakround would be, to implement Adaptive response agent/s

1. The “Quota Bandwidth Host agent” would detect violating hosts and put them into the violatinghosts host list.
2. The violatinghosts host list would need to be used in a class for which a partition could be applied or removed depending on link utilization. Lets call the class "violating hosts"
3. A second agent would need to be configured to monitor lets say inbound link utilization. It would be configured to turn RED if avg-bps exceeded 20M. It would go GREEN if avg-bps dropped below 20M.

This second agent, lets call it “inbound_link_agent” would be off by default.

4.  The ““Quota Bandwidth Host agent” would have  RED and GREEN action files.

In the RED action file would be the command to turn on the “inbound_link_agent” agent

In the GREEN action file would be the command to turn off the “inbound_link_agent” agent and also the command to remove the partition on the violating_hosts class.

 The action files for the “Quota Bandwidth Host agent” would contain these commands.

Red action file:   agent on "inbound_link_agent"

Green action file:  agent off “inbound_link_agent"

                              par remove inbound/violating_hosts

The action files for the “inbound_link_agent” would contain these commands:

Red action file:  par apply inbound/violating_hosts 4m fixed

Greeen action file:  par remove inbound/violating_hosts

 To summarize, the logic would be that the “inbound_link_agent” would only be enabled while the “Quota Bandwidth Host agent” was in a red state.  When the “inbound_link_agent is enabled, it either applies or removes a partition on the inbound/violating_hosts class.  When the“Quota Bandwidth Host agent” transitions back to green,  the “inbound_link_agent” is disabled and the partition on /inbound/violating_hosts is removed. __

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