How to backup DLP appliance before upgrading the DLP OS

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Published date:    02/28/2012

Problem Description

Is it essential to backup logs and configuration files for DLP before upgrade?
What files or logs to backup when we are upgrading the DLP OS to



Before upgrading the DLP OS, it is recommended to back up the following configuration files and logs
·         System configuration............................. (The DLP appliance database, working files, and configuration files)
·         Appliance security certification............. (Registered data source and access credentials)
·         Incident report/logs................................. (Incidents and reports, system and event logs)
Backup the DLP appliance system configuration files:
1.            Log into DLP management console, click on Manage Appliances => Configure System => Maintenance | Back Up.
2.            Click the Create Backup button to start the back-up routine. (Please note: Backups are archived on the appliance, but should be saved on a machine other than the appliance)
3.            Click the View icon and when prompted, save the file to your local machine
Backup the DLP appliance security certificates
If you have a DLP appliance configured (in Manager mode), Blue Coat do recommend that you export your DLP appliance certificates to a secure location. If you ever need to restore or replace the appliance, having the original certificates means you will not need to re-sign the Inspectors that report to it.
1.                             From the DLP management console, click Manage Appliances => Configure System => Maintenance |Back Up | Certificates
2.                  In the screen that appears, click the Back Up... button. Save the certificates to a local directory and unzip the archive (
Backup the Incident reports and logs
1.              In the DLP management console, click Manage Appliances => Configure System => Maintenance | Commands.
2.              Click the Export All... button for each of the following that you want:
        • Incidents
        • System Logs
        • Discovery Logs
3.             When prompted, choose the location where you want to save the file.

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