disk full error when saving Excel file in ADN environment with Cifs proxy

Solutions ID:    KB4962
Version:    1.0
Status:    Published
Published date:    03/01/2012

Problem Description

When saving an Excel file on a central file server you may see a disk full error. If you click on ok then it will say document not saved. If you then save the file again you will not see the message again and the file will save correctly.

The file will not be corrupt. The disk full message can also occur if there is not enough data on the file server to save the file. Since an Excel save creates a .tmp file you need to make sure there is a minimum of twice the size of the file on the central server. This issue does not occur if you save the file to your local pc. The error message actually occurs before the smb cmd rename which is what command is run when saving the file. It has been seen that the blue coat closes the connection early which causes the disk full message to appear on the Excel client


Workaround is to disable byte cache for connections to this site or for the one client ip if at all possible. First of all try disabling cifs writeback in the cifs proxy settings. Bug 173596 has been raised for this issue and it will be fixed in release.

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