Notify-User page might be displayed in a frame when Protected Mode is enabled in Internet Explorer 8

Solutions ID:    KB4964
Version:    3.0
Status:    Published
Published date:    03/02/2012
Updated:    03/02/2012

Problem Description

Notify-User page might be displayed in an Internet webpage's frames under the following conditions :

- Protected Mode is enabled in Internet Explorer 8's Internet zone.

- The Virtual-URL's host/domain in the Notify-User page is added into Internet Explorer's list of Trusted zone's sites.


Do not use a Virtual URL which is already in Internet Explorer's Trusted zone's sites in the Notify-User action.

This problem only happens when Internet Explorer 8 does not submit the Notify-User cookie to the Virtual URL when the object in the frame is being loaded and redirected to the Virtual URL. This cookie is used by the proxy to see if the user has accepted the Notify-User page. If the proxy does not see the cookie, it is presumed that the user has not accepted the policy.

- When a web browser loads a page that contains objects from multiple hosts, the proxy needs to validate each host.
- This is done by redirecting each object from each connection to the Virtual URL.
- Internet Explorer will then submit the cookie generated from the initial "Accept" page to the Virtual URL and the proxy will redirect the request back to the original URL.

- Our observation shows that when the Virtual URL is added to the Trusted sites, Internet Explorer does not submit the cookie.

Note: The default Virtual-URL is

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