(Cloud) Client connector goes into deny mode

Solutions ID:    KB4985
Version:    2.0
Status:    Published
Published date:    03/09/2012
Updated:    01/02/2013

Problem Description

Windows client status: Not Connected to ThreatPulse - Failure Mode (Closed)
Windows client debug log states:  ThreatPulse Service sent a DENY, switching client to DENY mode
Mac client states: Connection to the Blue Coat Cloud Service was denied.  Invalid XML received for client auth response.
Client settings in the portal are set to fail open.
That particular client is not set to be blocked in the portal.
There are 58 to 60+ bypassed IP addresses in the bypass list for the client
There are more than 254 bypassed IP addresses in the bypass list for the client.


The issue is resolved in client version 1.6.10500.0 dated 13 OCTOBER 2012 or later.  If you have an older version of the client, please upgrade to the latest version of the client.  The limit has been increased from 58 to 60 IPs to approximately 254 IP addresses.  If you are running the latest version of the client and have in excess of 254 bypassed IP addresses, please reduce the number of bypassed IP addresses to be less than 254.

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