Controlling March Madness with ProxySG

Solutions ID:    KB5003
Version:    2.0
Status:    Published
Published date:    03/15/2012
Updated:    03/15/2012

Problem Description

Events like March Madness could have a high / negative impact on customers networks due to increased bandwidth usage for live and on demand video streaming usage.



This guide is designed to provide insight and instruction on how to restrict content and control bandwidth using the Blue Coat ProxySG appliance. This guide assumes you already have a ProxySG with Blue Coat WebFilter and bandwidth management enabled running in your network. Minimum required SGOS version for chapter 2 is 6.2.3.x.

By using bandwidth management, category restrictions and Web 2.0 application controls you can restrict access to content that utilizes mission critical bandwidth, starving your company of crucial productivity.

The example policies have been tested using (March Madness 2012)




Controlling March Madness with ProxySG.pdf
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