Functionality issues with Trend Micro and Threatpulse client

Solutions ID:    KB5014
Version:    1.0
Status:    Published
Published date:    03/21/2012

Problem Description

Functionality issues with Trend Micro and Threatpulse client
Is Trend Micro compatible with the Threatpulse client?
The Threatpulse client seems to work for a short period of time (shortly after bootup and login), but then fails
If Trend Micro is removed, then the Threatpulse client functions properly.


As of this writing (21 March 2012), Trend Micro and the Threatpulse client are not compatible.  If you install the Threatpulse client with Trend Micro installed, then the Threatpulse client will not function.  The current workaround is to remove Trend Micro from the workstation.

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