What does the alert "Insufficient temporary storage space" on the ProxyAV appliance mean?

Solutions ID:    KB5064
Version:    2.0
Status:    Published
Published date:    04/12/2012
Updated:    04/29/2013

Problem Description

The Insufficient temporary storage space (engine error code: 0x2004021F) or the Out of temporary storage space error is triggered when the antivirus engine on the ProxyAV is out of temporary storage space.  When this error occurs, the ProxyAV cannot scan files anymore.



The Insufficient temporary storage space and Out of temporary storage space errors indicate that the buffer capacity for files to be scanned is full because the file size is large and the temporary memory available on the appliance is much smaller.

Option #1:

To work around this lack of storage space, you can select to have these files blocked or passed though unscanned. This solution is a temporary one. To maintain the security needs in your network, Blue Coat recommends using Option #2 below.

To configure the behavior on the ProxyAV to block the files or pass them through unscanned when this error occurs, access the ProxyAV Management Console > Antivirus > Scanning Behavior page.


Option #2:

Upgrade to a higher throughput ProxyAV appliance that meets the traffic load on your network.


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