http.client.persistence(preserve) policy does not apply under certain conditions

Solutions ID:    KB5066
Version:    2.0
Status:    Published
Published date:    04/13/2012
Updated:    09/19/2013

Problem Description

The “http.client.persistence(preserve)” policy, which is used to prevent TCP port re-use, does not apply when the following conditions are true:
- Reflect Client IP is configured
- Object caching is enabled
- Transparent deployment

When the server is not the one that closes the connection, the ProxySG does not implement the client persistence policy. As a result, the client connection stays open, and this causes the ProxySG to re-use the connection it has just closed with the server.


This is B#174244 and has been addressed in the following versions :

- SG and newer SG 5.4.x versions

- SG and newer SG 5.5.x versions

- SG

- SG and newer SG 6.2.x versions

- SG and newer SG 6.3.x versions



SG 6.4.x and newer SG 6.x versions are not affected by this.

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