Notify User page does not display

Solutions ID:    KB5069
Version:    3.0
Status:    Published
Published date:    04/17/2012
Updated:    04/30/2013

Problem Description

The Notify User page does not display even though a policy including a Notify User action exists.

This issue occurs when the destination URL redirects to another URL. For example, a URL might redirect to a URL in the user's local domain (e.g., redirects to, or it might redirect permanently to a URL in a new location (e.g., redirects to  In such cases, the origin content server (OCS) returns an HTTP status code that is not 200 (OK), such as 302 (Found).


The target URL must return a 200 status in order to avoid breaking its traffic.

To work around this issue, either modify the condition to match redirected URL or base the condition on the referer URL.

NOTE: The nature of this work around may require excessive maintenance depending on the number of target URLs you have in the list.

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