Configure a Windows 2008 server for IntelligenceCenter

Solutions ID:    KB5070
Version:    2.0
Status:    Published
Published date:    04/19/2012
Updated:    10/01/2013

Problem Description

How to configure the memory and processor scheduling on a Windows 2008 server for an IntelligenceCenter installation.


Before IntelligenceCenter is installed on the server you must change the default behavior of the server so that IC has the resources it needs to run efficiently. Below are the steps to perform before the you install IntelligenceCenter.

Setting the Virtual memory and Processor scheduling settings in Windows 2008 server:

Click Start, right-click Computer and select Properties.

 Click Advanced system settings.


From the Advanced tab, select Performance > Settings.



Select Adjust for best performance.



Select the Advanced tab and then select Programs in the Processor scheduling section of the screen.



In the Virtual memory section of the screen, click Change.



Select Custom size and change the swap file to be twice the size of the physical memory in the server. Click OK to save the changes and then restart the server. After this has been done you can continue with the IntelligenceCenter installation.


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