(Cloud) How do I allow access when I am denying the online storage category?

Solutions ID:    KB5075
Version:    2.0
Status:    Published
Published date:    04/19/2012
Updated:    08/08/2012

Problem Description

I am using Blue Coat's Threatpulse Cloud product
I am blocking the online storage category
My users are being blocked to
I made an exception for the domain, but I am still being blocked.


In order to allow access to you need to allow the following URLs and IP addresses in the "To Where" column:



Set the above rule to "Allow".  Save and activate your changes and then test.  Please note that if domains or IP addresses used by change, then you will need to add those additional resources to your rule in the Cloud.



If you have SSL intercept enabled, you need to disable SSL intercept for  To do that, please do the following:

1.)  Login to the portal (
2.)  Go to Service > Network > SSL > Pass Through Destination > Pass Through IPs/Subnets (tab) > Add Pass Through IPs/Subne (button).
3.)  Enter and save.
4.)  Click on the Activate button and then test.

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