How to create Read-Only Management access for CacheFlow 5000

Solutions ID:    KB5099
Version:    2.0
Status:    Published
Published date:    04/30/2012
Updated:    09/16/2013

Problem Description

You want to grant Read-Only Management access to the CacheFlow


Example :

CF210#config term
CF210#(config)security local-user-list edit local_user_database
CF210#(config local-user-list local_user_database)user create test
CF210#(config local-user-list local_user_database)user edit test
CF210#(config local-user-list local_user_database test)password test
CF210#(config local-user-list local_user_database test)exit
CF210#(config local-user-list local_user_database)exit

CF210#inline policy local eofmarker
   authenticate(LOCAL) authenticate.force(no)
        realm=LOCAL user="test" allow admin.access=read


The "inline policy local" entry above will overwrite any existing Local Policy. If you have any existing Local Policy, ensure you include them along with the Admin Authentication Layer and Admin Access Layer above.

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