Why does the Category field in Reporter 9 contain data outside of the specified date range?

Solutions ID:    KB5109
Version:    2.0
Status:    Published
Published date:    05/08/2012
Updated:    07/17/2013

Problem Description

Initially, the ProxySG appliance has an expired BCWF license and the Unlicensed category displays in reports, as expected. However, the reports still display the Unlicensed category after installing the BCWF license.


The Category field is not filtered by date filter, as per product design. The Category column is not actually its own sub-level, but rather an additional informational column associated with site. In this context, the category column displays all categories that have ever been associated with a site in the database, independent of the associated user or date filters. This behavior optimizes query performance. 

To create a report that applies filters to the Category column, the Category column needs to be added as its own sub-level (three-level report). This is a more resource-intensive report to run, which is why the unfiltered categories info field is provided in the simpler two-level site by user report. However, to see the categories filtered by user and date, a three-level report is required.


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