How to block Facebook Chat

Solutions ID:    KB5110
Version:    1.0
Status:    Published
Published date:    05/08/2012

Problem Description

  You want to allow all Facebook functionalitly except for the Facebook Chat function.


  1. Launch the Visual Policy Manager: Select Configuration > Policy > Visual Policy Manager > Launch.
  2. Add a Web Access Layer. Name the object, for example, BlockFacebookChat.
  3. Create new URLs in the list. Right click Destination and click Set. Select New > Request URL > Simple Match , and add these three URLs:,
    Then close the Add Request URL Object page. Note: Facebook has combined chat and messaging functions.
  4. Create a new rule within that newly created layer. Right-click Destination and click Set. Select New > Combined Destination Object. Give it a name such as FacebookChatURLs, and add those newly created three URLs into the same box on the right; leave the other box empty.
  5. Back to the rule: Source = any, Service = any, Time = any, Action = Deny, Track = none.
  6. Click Install Policy.


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