Use Regex expression for username matching in rules

Solutions ID:    KB5113
Version:    1.0
Status:    Published
Published date:    05/10/2012

Problem Description

You want to create a username Regex for use in policy.


You can use a Regex for username matching in a source condition, but you can only do this if the authentication realm used is either LDAP or RADIUS, not natively with IWA. You can however configure your ActiveDirectory as an LDAP realm and then use this method.

For example you want to create a rule to allow any access to all users whose username matches the format of admin-XXXXX. In this example, ActiveDirectory has been defined as an LDAP realm using the LDAP Attribute Name sAMAccountName:

LDAP Attribute Object

You can now use this object as a source condition in your policy:

Access Layer

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