Using Application Control to block file downloads from will also block file uploads to the site

Solutions ID:    KB5115
Version:    3.0
Status:    Published
Published date:    05/10/2012
Updated:    09/23/2013

Problem Description

Adding an Application Control policy to block file downloads from the web site will also prevent files from being uploaded. The file upload process will appear to work OK (the progress bar reaches 100%) but the screen will then stop on the "Upload in progress" box.


The problem is caused by Application Control incorrectly associating the URL with downloading files only. In fact, this URL is common to both the upload and download processes for this web site. Consequently, blocking access to this URL to prevent downloading files will adversely affect the upload process.

To fix the problem, it is necessary to allow access to this specific URL before other rules that allow or deny access to the web site. This can be done in Visual Policy Manager.


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