How to configure audit logs for PacketShaper

Solutions ID:    KB5128
Version:    2.0
Status:    Published
Published date:    05/22/2012
Updated:    09/17/2013

Problem Description

You can use 3CDaemon or Kiwi Syslog Daemon if  you do not have a syslog server.


After you have configured a syslog server, run the following commands on the  PacketShaper to enable audit log being pushed to the syslog server.

setup syslog add host:<syslog server IP address> output:13,7
setup syslog state on

Examples with syslog server IP address

setup syslog add host: output:13,7
setup syslog state on

Examples of syslog output:
May 23 08:48:32 AUDT-6-Audit: Unit Edited: 175-10014148, logged in via "CLI (touch)"
May 23 08:49:12 AUDT-6-Audit: Unit Edited: 175-10014148, Set inbound link to 10000000.
May 23 09:29:39 AUDT-6-Audit: Unit Edited: 175-10014148, Reset the class tree and reverted to default tree.
May 23 09:29:45 AUDT-6-Audit: Unit Edited: 175-10014148, Cannot load the current configuration configuration from file testing.ldi.


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