How can I calculate the retention period for PacketShaper reporting?

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Version:    2.0
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Published date:    06/11/2012
Updated:    07/17/2013

Problem Description

I am unable to generate PacketShaper reports older than three months. What is the retention period of measurement data?


Use the following formulas to calculate the retention period of measurement data:

Link retention period: Max samples / 2 links (Inbound and Outbound)

Partition retention period: Max samples / Number of Partitions

Class retention period: Max samples / Number of Classes

To determine the maximum samples, run the me show CLI command. To determine the number of partitions and classes, use the sys limit CLI command.

Sample me show output. Not that different PacketShaper models have different values.

class day Interval:1m Samples: 1474560/ 1474560
class month Interval:1h Samples: 504588/ 761856
link day Interval:1m Samples: 20160/ 20160
link month Interval:1h Samples: 8928/ 8928
partition day Interval:1m Samples: 737280/ 737280
partition month Interval:1h Samples: 380928/ 380928

Sample sys limit output:

Statically allocated objects          Current  Remaining      Total
Traffic classes                           100       1948       2048
Partitions                                100        924       1024

To calculate the class retention period using the above examples:

Class day report retention period, (interval: 1 minute)
1474560/100 = 14745.6 minutes = 245.76 hours = 10.24 days = 1.46 weeks

Conclusion: For the class day group, retention period is 1.46 weeks with 100 classes.

Class month report retention period, (interval: 1 hour)
761856/100 = 7618.56 hours = 317.44 days = 45.34 weeks = 0.87 year 

Conclusion: For the class month group, retention period is 0.87 year with 100 partitions.

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