CIFS Proxy Object Handling

Solutions ID:    KB5152
Version:    1.0
Status:    Published
Published date:    06/14/2012

Problem Description

With the CIFS Proxy, how doesthe ProxySG appliance decide when to serve from the cache and when to fetch from destination server? How long does CIFS object cache retain?


The ProxySG appliance caches CIFS objects for as long as the object is valid.  It queries the object's properties (such as size, create time, last access time, last modified time) everytime the CIFS Proxy intercepts a client request.  If file properties on server matches the cached object's properties, the client's request are served from cache.

There is no set period of time how long the ProxySG appliance keeps a file in cache.  The CIFS object cache is stored in the same way other service objects caching are.  All ProxySG appliance models have limits on their disk space for object caching (Management Console > System > Resource > Disk Use).  If object caching reaches a point where all disk space is occupied, the oldest objects are discarded.

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