User-configured mask-value for WCCP isn't saved until ProxySG is rebooted

Solutions ID:    KB5154
Version:    2.0
Status:    Published
Published date:    06/15/2012
Updated:    09/12/2013

Problem Description

If the mask-value for a ProxySG's WCCP settings is changed, the new value isn't applied unti the device is rebooted.


This problem is caused by a bug in SGOS, which is now fixed in the following versions of software: (and higher) (and higher - includes all versions of SGOS 6.4 and 6.5)


Customers running older versions of SGOS software can also use the following work-around, as an alternative to upgrading:

Step 1. Clear all the WCCP settings.
a. First save a copy of your settings
b. Run the command:
ProxySG#inline wccp-settings eof

Step 2. Re-install the complete WCCP configuration, with the desired new mask-value.

ProxySG#inline wccp-settings eof
wccp enable
wccp version 2

service-group 90
forwarding-type GRE
multicast-ttl 1
priority 0
protocol 6
router-affinity both
interface 0:0
primary-hash-weight 0:0 0
assignment-type mask
mask-value 0xFE
mask-scheme source-ip


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