Built-in Text Editor shows blank / empty VPM-XML when the "inline" word is present anywhere in the VPM

Solutions ID:    KB5156
Version:    3.0
Status:    Published
Published date:    06/17/2012
Updated:    11/04/2013

Problem Description

Built-in text editor for the VPM-XML might not show anything if the "inline" keyword is present in the VPM.

In the example below, the presence of the keyword "inline" will cause the VPM-XML to go blank when edited through the Management Console > Configuration tab > Policy > Policy Files > Visual Policy Files tab > Install VPM-XML from Text Editor.


This has been fixed in SG (B#176471) and SG (B#176757).

SG 6.4 and newer SG 6.x versions are not affected by this.



Do not use any object that contains the word "inline".

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