SGOS ICAP health check status shows 'unknown'

Solutions ID:    KB5201
Version:    2.0
Status:    Published
Published date:    07/10/2012
Updated:    09/12/2012

Problem Description

Our ProxySG  appliance shows ICAP health check status as 'unknown'.
The message  "An unrecoverable internal error (out of memory)" displays in the Event log.



This problem may due to bug 122794 - Restart in SGOS HWE 0x0 SWE 0xFFFF0001

If bug 122794 occurs, ICAP health-state reported as 'unknown'

Bug 122794 has been fixed in SGOS Blue Coat recommends updating to SGOS  You can download SGOS from (BTO login credentials are necessary).  If the issue persists, please contact Bluecoat Technical Support.

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