Fail Open bridge setting is not shown in the configuration archive

Solutions ID:    KB5251
Version:    2.0
Status:    Published
Published date:    08/07/2012
Updated:    08/02/2013

Problem Description

Fail Open bridge setting is not shown in the configuration archive

The SG9000 platform disables the passthru-0 (ports 0:0 and 0:1) hardware bridge for management and leaves passthru-0:2 as the default fail-open mode.

When the archived configuration is generated, the global default mode for all hardware bridges is fail-open. Therefore the configuration for passthru-0 is considered non-default  and "mode disabled" is displayed.

!- BEGIN networking
interface 0:0 ;mode
interface 0:2 ;mode
label "WAN"
interface 0:3 ;mode
label "LAN"
bridge ;mode
edit "passthru-0"  ;mode
mode disable                          <<<<< disabled by default
failover mode serial
edit "passthru-0:2"  ;mode
failover mode serial
dns-forwarding ; mode


This has been addressed in SG as B#177075 - The fail-open bridge setting for passthru-0 is now shown in the configuration archive.



If the user archives a configuration with passthru-0 set to fail-open mode on the SG9000 platform, they will need to manually change the mode back to fail-open after the archived configuration is applied.

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