Certain 810 models reporting only 1 active cpu

Solutions ID:    KB5254
Version:    2.0
Status:    Published
Published date:    08/14/2012
Updated:    08/02/2013

Problem Description

Following is from Sysinfo:

URL_Path /Diagnostics/Hardware/Info
Hardware Information

Model: 810-10
RAM: 4096 MB
    DIMM 1: 1024 MB SDRAM DDR with ECC
    DIMM 2: 1024 MB SDRAM DDR with ECC
    DIMM 3: 1024 MB SDRAM DDR with ECC
    DIMM 4: 1024 MB SDRAM DDR with ECC
    DIMM 5: empty
    DIMM 6: empty
    DIMM 7: empty
    DIMM 8: empty
Number of physical CPUs: 2
Number of cores: 4 (1 active) <-------------------------------------- WRONG


The wrong sgos image has been loaded. On 6.x we have both a 32bit and 64bit image. The 810 has multiple 64 bit procs so the 64 bit image is required. The issue here is that the 510 image was loaded and hence only 1 cpu reported as active. Make sure you load the correct image.

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