Unable to play videos from over HTTP Proxy

Solutions ID:    KB5264
Version:    3.0
Status:    Published
Published date:    08/19/2012
Updated:    11/04/2013

Problem Description

Unable to play videos from over HTTP Proxy

Theses videos are hosted on, believed to be a Content Delivery Network. They are being loaded from


This is B#178121 and has been addressed in :

- SGOS and newer SG 6.2 versions.

- SGOS and newer SG 6.3 versions.

SG 6.4 and newer SG 6.x versions are not affected by this.



In a Transparent Proxy deployment, include the following destination networks into the Static Bypass list for TCP Port 80.


Alternatively, we can also TCP-Tunnel the traffic. Ensure that Protocol Detection is Disabled/Unchecked.

create tcp-tunnel "WMV" "TEST"
edit "WMV" ;mode
add all 80 intercept
add all 80 intercept
add all 80 intercept
attribute early-intercept enable
attribute use-adn disable
attribute adn-byte-cache disable
attribute adn-compress disable

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