Security Advisories

October 16th 2009 - Blue Coat ProxyAV Advisory on Sockstress TCP Attacks

Security Advisories ID:    SA38
Version:    8.0
Status:    Published
Published date:    10/16/2009
Updated:    12/02/2009

Advisory Severity



ProxyAV is based on Windows XP Embedded.  According to Microsoft, this version of Windows XP Embedded is vulnerable, albeit with low severity; to CERT-FI/CVE-2008-4609 Windows XP-based systems are at a reduced risk as there is not the same possibility for remote code execution vs. other versions of Windows.  Additionally, when ProxyAV is deployed according to Blue Coat best practices, there's a remote possibility for denial of service as it assumes that the appliance is Internet-facing and subjected the specific attack of specially-crafted TCP packets.

>>Link to the Alert

(Requires BlueTouch Online Login)

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