Technical Alerts

Loss of Websense content filter database and category unavailable after upgrading to SGOS

Technical Alerts ID:    TFA22
Version:    4.0
Status:    Published
Published date:    01/20/2010
Updated:    01/28/2010

Problem description

The Websense content filter database can return "none", "pending", "unavailable", or "unlicensed" when upgrading from SGOS 4.3.x up to SGOS 5.4.x to SGOS 5.4.3.  Using the URL https://x.x.x.x:8082/ContentFilter/status shows the database is residing on the ProxySG, but the symptoms remain. 

For example, you may only see the following categories:

Categories defined by System:

If you reboot your ProxySG so you are running the version of SGOS prior to the upgrade, the web sites will begin to rate normally again.


The problem is resolved in SGOS  You can download SGOS at  .  For information on how to update SGOS, please see KB3608 titled "How do I upgrade SGOS on my ProxySG".


Please download the fix mentioned above in the "Current Status" section of this document.  If you are unable to update SGOS, then you can use the workaround described below.

The proposed workaround after the upgrade to SGOS is to delete the current Websense database and then force a manual download of the Websense database.  The workaround is documented in KB2894 titled "How do I force a full WebSense content filter database download on the ProxySG?"  Please note that there is a current patch release that addresses the issue.  Please see the "CURRENT STATUS" section above.

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