Technical Alerts

Unexpected Packetshaper reboot after installing Flash video plug-in v1.4.0.0

Technical Alerts ID:    TFA30
Version:    5.0
Status:    Published
Published date:    03/19/2010
Updated:    04/05/2010

Problem description

The Streaming Flash Video plug-in version can cause unexpected reboots on a Packetshaper.  Blue Coat has identified the problem and is currently working on a fix.  Currently there is no ETA as to when the fix will be available.  This alert will be updated when a new plug-in is available.


The offending plug-in has been removed from the Blue Coat download site and is no longer available for download.  If you have already downloaded and installed the plug-in, please remove the plug-in and reboot the Packetshaper.

To find out if you have the plugin, please do the following steps:

1.)  Console into the Packetshaper.

2.)  Run the 'ver ver' command.

3.)  Look for the "Flash   Streaming Flash Video" under the loaded plug-ins.  If it does not exist, then the plugin is not loaded.

4.)  If the plugin is loaded, go to the 9.256/plg director and delete the file "flv84.plg".

5.)  Once the file has been deleted, please reboot the Packetshaper.  NOTE:  Even if the plug-in is deleted, the plug-in will remain loaded in memory.  A reboot is necessary to remove the loaded module out of memory.


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