Technical Alerts

Bandwidth in child partitions above may not reach partition limits with PacketWise 8.4.4 and later.

Technical Alerts ID:    TFA33
Version:    5.0
Status:    Published
Published date:    06/04/2010
Updated:    06/09/2010

Affected products and versions

PacketWise 8.4.4 and later

Problem description

When partitions are configured on child classes it is possible that traffic will not be able to reach the partition limit even though demand exists to fill the partition.



Beginning in PacketWise version 8.4.4 the sys set “gPtnBurstLimitMsecs” can be used to control this condition. Default value for this sys set is ‘0’ or “disabled”, this setting provides more granular bandwidth control for small ‘<1mbps’ partitions, Improves PacketShaper burst behavior when measured over ms intervals. To revert back to previous default partition behavior (pre-8.4.4); Configure the value of this sys set to 125.


PacketShaper# sys set gPtnBurstLimitMsecs 125


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