Technical Alerts

Using the "Import from PolicyCenter" option in IC, devices may be regrouped improperly if non-unique names are used in topology

Technical Alerts ID:    TFA34
Version:    1.0
Status:    Published
Published date:    06/09/2010

Affected products and versions

All Versions of Intelligence Center 2.0.x, 2.1.x, 3.0, where an individual does the following.

1) Customer has a network topology layout in PC which has non-unique names.

2) Performs import into IC.



Problem description

If the customer executes an import as specified above, a function called de-du0lication will consoloidate groups under IC resuolting in unwanted movement in complicated layouts.

I.E. (1meg, 5 meg) form the network topology below would be affected:



1meg: shaper1, shaper3




5meg: shaper5



10meg: shaper7


The resultant topology in IC would be:



1meg: shaper1, shaper3, shaper4. shaper6

5meg:shaper2, shaper5




10meg: shaper7


Engineering is aware of this problem. To fix it would require a major change in the way IntelligenceCenter is designed. It is not currently in PLAN to make that change until at best post IC 3.0.


In order to work around this difficulty, prior to performingthe import into IC, Group names in Policy Center should be changed to be unique so that the import will avoid the problem.

IE In the example above, rename 1meg group names to be old1meg, new1meg, etc. leaving them in place under oldstores and newstores.


This issue will not be resolved till post Intelligence Center 3.0 (if then).


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