Technical Alerts

Slow access to certain web sites after upgrading to SGOS 5

Technical Alerts ID:    TFA39
Version:    3.0
Status:    Published
Published date:    08/09/2010
Updated:    11/12/2010

Affected products and versions

ProxySG SGOS 5.5.x.x

Problem description

Beginning with SGOS 5.5.x.x, the ProxySG performs IPv4 and IPv6 DNS queries. Because not every DNS server is configured to answer to IPv6 queries, this can cause a delay since the ProxySG waits for an answer to the IPv6 query.


Issue is resolved in SGOS


If you do not wish to upgrade SGOS, you can work around the issue by adding the following CPL code to the Local Policy File.  This code prevents the ProxySG from performing IPv6 DNS queries and, in most cases, fixes the slowness issue.



For information on how to install CPL into the local policy file, please see KB3495.


The issue is resolved in SGOS  Please see bug 139106 in the release notes.  SGOS and accompanying release notes can be downloaded from .  For information on how to upgrade SGOS, please see KB3608 titled "How do I upgrade SGOS on my ProxySG?".

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