Technical Alerts

SGOS 6.x licensing issues with ProxySG 300 and 600

Technical Alerts ID:    TFA56
Version:    1.0
Status:    Published
Published date:    02/03/2011

Affected products and versions

ProxySG 300
ProxySG 600

Problem description

Proxy administrators are unable to retrieve SGOS 6.x licenses for the ProxySG 300 and/or 600 appliances.




The issue has been resolved.  Please go into the Management Console on your ProxySG and update your license.  Here are the steps to update the license file:

1.)  Login to the Management Console (https://<ip.address.of.proxysg>:8082 )
2.)  Go to Maintenance tab > Licensing > Install tab.
3.)  In the License Key Automatic Installation installation section, click on the Update button.  You will be asked to confirm the license upgrade.  Click on the OK button*.
4.)  The license should be updated.  Click on the View tab and click on the Refresh Data button.  You should see SGOS 6 Proxy Edition and a yes in the Valid column.

*NOTE:  If you get a License Install Failed and an ERROR: Currently Installed License Key is already the most recent, then your system may already be updated to the latest version.


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