Technical Alerts

NICs unresponsive on new AV1200 (Rev.B), AV1400 (Rev.B), and AV2400 (Rev.B)

Technical Alerts ID:    TFA57
Version:    6.0
Status:    Published
Published date:    02/04/2011
Updated:    07/06/2011

Affected products and versions

ProxyAV 1200 Rev.B
ProxyAV 1400 Rev.B
ProxyAV 2400 Rev.B
ProxyAV OS

Problem description

Blue Coat has found that a number of AV1200, AV1400, and 2400 (Revision B) were incorrectly flashed with ProxyAV OS  This version of ProxyAV OS is not compatible with the NIC chipset that exists on the AV1200/1400/2400 (Rev.B).  Compatibility with the B revision series chipset was introduced in ProxyAV OS

Some of the symptoms that have been reported are as follows:

  • Unable to ping the ProxyAV unit
  • Serial console does not work (This has been reported but in actual testing, it does not be the case)
  • The ProxyAV does not work after being configured
  • The network card does not work or function

Please see the Resolution section below to detemine if you have a ProxyAV "B" series unit that is running ProxyAV


The root cause was identified and being resolved for future AV1200, AV1400, and AV2400 (Rev.B).


There are no workarounds to this issue.  Please see the Resolution section below.


It is important to verify the following:

  1. Your ProxyAV is an AV1200, AV1400, or AV2400 Rev. B
  2. Your ProxyAV is running  This can be verified via a serial console by entering the following commands:
    1. en
    2. show status

If you verify the above information and your network card is not working please contact Bluecoat support.  The hard drive on the 1200/1400/2400 (Rev.B) will need to be replaced.  The replacement disk drive will contain ProxyAV OS which is compatible with the NIC chipset that exists on all "Rev.B" AV units.



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