Technical Alerts

Restart in SGOS and when HTTP handoff is enabled

Technical Alerts ID:    TFA59
Version:    6.0
Status:    Published
Published date:    03/04/2011
Updated:    04/21/2011

Affected products and versions


Problem description

The ProxySG will restart when HTTP handoff is enabled for Windows Streaming.  The issue affects SGOS and  To verify if you are affected by the issue, please check the crash signature in the sysinfo.  Here are the steps needed to validate.

1.)  Go to https://<ip.address.of.proxysg>:8082/sysinfo .  You may need to login.
2.)  In the sysinfo, search for URL_Path /CM/Core_image/Details?All
3.)  Look at the Process string.  The process string is different depending on what version of SGOS you are running

For SGOS, the crash has one of the two following signatures:

Process "HTTP CW 357BEFB50" in "" at .text+0x0


Process "SSLW 66C60E190" in "" at .text+0x0 


For SGOS the crash has the following signatures:

Process "HTTP CW C47F5EC0" in "tcpip.dll" at .text+0x169309


Process "tcpip" in "tcpip.dll" at .text+0x3b992


If your ProxySG has one of the crashes listed above, please see the WORKAROUND or RESOLUTION section below.



Process "tcpip" in "tcpip.dll" at .text+0x37f34


Process "tcpip" in "tcpip.dll" at .text+0x3bd17


The problem has been reported to engineering and is currently under investigation.  This article will be updated if and when fixes are available.


To workaround the issue, please disable the HTTP handoff for Windows media.  To disable the HTTP handoff feature, please do the following from the command line interface (CLI):

Enable Password:
ProxySG#configure terminal
Enter configuration commands, one per line.  End with CTRL-Z.
ProxySG#(config)streaming windows-media http-handoff disable

You can do the same thing from the ProxySG's Management Console.  Please do the following steps from the Management Console:

1.)  Login to the Management Console (https://<ip.address.of.proxysg>:8082/)
2.)  Go to the Configuration tab > Proxy Settings > Streaming Proxies > Windows Media tab.
3.)  In the General box, make sure Enable HTTP Handoff is unchecked or unticked.
4.)  Click on the Apply button to save your changes.



The issue is resolved in the following versions of SGOS:

SGOS 6.1.x:  The issue is resolved in SGOS, which was released on March 14, 2011.  Please search for bug number 155212 under "Windows Proxy" in the SGOS release notes.  SGOS can be downloaded from .  Please note that a valid BTO login is required for download.

SGOS 5.5.x:  The issue is resolved in SGOS  Please contact Blue Coat Technical Support for assistance in downloading the fix.


For information on how to upgrade SGOS on your ProxySG, please see KB3608.

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