Technical Alerts peers unable to communicate with manager running 6.2.3.x or older SGOS releases.

Technical Alerts ID:    TFA76
Version:    1.0
Status:    Published
Published date:    09/19/2011

Affected products and versions

ProxySG peers running

ProxySG managers running 6.2.3.x or older

Problem description

SGOS added a new feature that changed the ADN management protocol for closed ADN deployments.  If peer ProxySGs are upgraded prior to manager ProxySGs comminucation between these devices will not work and optimization of network traffic will be affected.


The change in the ADN management protocol in means that the upgrade order for peer and manager ProxySGs is crucial to maintain an optimized network during the upgrade.  The order for upgrading peer and manager ProxySGs is to upgrade the managers first and then the peers (edges and concentrators/cores).  The manager ProxySGs are backwards compatible with all versions of the ADN manager protocol so having them run first ensures that they will still be able to communicate with peers running 6.2.3.x or older.  If the peers are upgraded first the managers are unaware of the changes in and communication between the peers and managers will be broken.

Regardless of the versions of SGOS, Blue Coat always recommends upgrading the managers first and then the peers in a closed ADN network.

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