Technical Alerts

IP address changes for a few services used by ProxySG and ProxyAV

Technical Alerts ID:    TFA81
Version:    1.0
Status:    Published
Published date:    01/03/2012

Affected products and versions

All platforms of ProxySG and ProxyAV regardless of version

Problem description

Blue Coat is upgrading the capacity and availability of the Webpulse, Blue Coat Web Filter and Anti-Virus services. This requires us to change the public IP address used by those services. Here is the list of changes that will be applied January 11th 2012


Old IP Address

New IP Address

Webpulse (

Webpulse (

AV Download

BCWF Download


This change will not cause an outage. Both old and new IP addresses will be available during the switch over.

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