Technical Alerts

Zero window size seen in some FTP connections

Technical Alerts ID:    TFA82
Version:    2.0
Status:    Published
Published date:    01/04/2012
Updated:    01/04/2012

Affected products and versions

Reporter version build 78536.  Earlier versions are not affected.

Problem description

Upgraded, or new installs of version, are unable to download access logs from FTP servers. A zero window size is reported on the IP layer of the FTP stack.

Steps to duplicate:
1: Install, or upgrade to Reporter 78536
2: Create/Configure a database.
3: Configure log source to FTP source. 

Result: Reporter will start processing remote logs, but never quite stop it's status of 'processing logs'.  Running a sniffer trace (PCAP) will show the FTP connection drop eventually after a "0 window space" being advertised from Reporter on the ISO IP layer.


Problem has been reported to Bluecoat Engineering.


Install versions or


If you see this problem please log a support request, and report this article number.

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