Technical Alerts

ProxySG reboots while running

Technical Alerts ID:    TFA93
Version:    5.0
Status:    Published
Published date:    02/15/2012
Updated:    03/02/2012

Affected products and versions

All ProxySG Hardware platforms running SGOS and earlier

Problem description

A ProxySG reboots randomly with the following crash signature

Hardware exception code: 0x0 (No Error)
Software exception code: 0x20108 (** Update error text file **)

If the software exception code is different it is most likely a different issue. You may want to modify "if a customer sees random reboots" to include looking from this software exception code.

"Customers running into this issue will note that the ProxySG reboots at different times of the day even under very little usage. The issue is with disk management and can happen any time an object is stored on a disk."

We encourage customers who experience random reboots upgrade to or as soon as possible.


Bug is fixed


This bug is currently fixed in patch release

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