My FTP log source keeps reporting a error within Reporter

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Published date:    08/14/2009
Updated:    11/18/2010

Problem Description

My FTP log source keeps reporting a error within Reporter
Error:  unzip log source <log source> failed with GZ error -3

Using an FTP type log source, I am seeing the following error in the Reporter error log:

The error in the Reporter Journal:
   Loaded log source \LogS:Proxy_SG1:assigned_1ff7c3eaac2890717bccabec6c2bab92\'
BCRJ:2009-08-14 10:54:24 (4a852640) ALW.ERRO.LOGSO
   Unzip log source \LogS:Proxy_SG1\' failed with GZ error -3


When Reporter is configured to use FTP to retrieve access logs, Reporter uses the FTP LIST command to obtain a directory listing of the files.  This error is returned because the Reporter log source received a LIST reply that it did not understand.  The Reporter service must be able parse the contents of the response for known markers that help ensure the fields contain expected data.    Because the FTP RFC does not have a standard LIST response, each FTP server type has developed it's own way to respond to the LIST command.  In an attempt to simplfy this task, Reporter engineers have declared what LIST responses they will acept.

Tested FTP Servers:


  • Windows FTP (through IIS)
  • Linux: VSFTPD  

 Note: Other FTP servers may function correctly, but they are not officially supported by Blue Coat.


Sample field markers that we expect to be returned by a list command:

Supported Windows servers will return the four fields or markers:
  05-24-06  11:43AM  5281   file1.log

Supported Linux servers return nine fields or markers:
   -rwxr-xr-x  1  502   502  5281  May 24 11:43  file1.log.gz


 NOTE1: Other FTP and Reporter articles are:

Log source articles: KB3753, FAQ822 , For a list of supported FTP servers, see KB3275

How to configure reporter to receive access logs via the FTP from the SG  - KB2983

NOTE2: for a complete list of all FTP error codes, please see this WIKI Page.


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